October Opening

Posted by Raza Wool on October 20, 2014 1 Comment

We are open! October seemed like a great month to open the shop, with Shetland Wool Week occurring at the beginning of the month and Rhinebeck (officially New York Sheep and Wool) mid-month. 

There weren't a lot of Shetland sheep at Rhinebeck, but we did manage to capture one ram with a lot of personality.

I wish we could have taken him home. He was very vocal, quieting down only when I scratched behind his horns. Even so, he kept stopping me every minute or so to smell my hand before consenting to more scratches.

I also came home with a tiny piece of wool from another sheep, and I'm going to work on sourcing some yarn made from that wool.

That's probably the last of the sheep who will appear on this blog for a while, but there's a lot going on in the knitting world, so look for upcoming posts featuring some new designs using Jamieson & Smith yarn.

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Posted by Alberta Dodson on February 16, 2015

Very happy to find you, especially after I was devastated to find Schoolhouse Press seems to no longer carry Jamieson’s. Do you know if the Jamieson andSmith 2-ply jumper is comparable to the Jamieson’s?

From where do you ship the wool?

Thank you for your attention. A. Dodson

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